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Balance Body Chemistry with Nutrition

Test results don’t lie. Learn what is happening inside your body.

The Blood Chemistry Analysis is one of the best methods of self-care. Even if you eat right, exercise and eliminate unhealthy habits, you may have an underlying imbalances, progression of disease, a medical condition, nutritional deficiencies or hormonal imbalances that only a functional blood chemistry analysis can detect.

The Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • Evaluates metabolic status
  • Addresses sub-clinical issues years in advance
  • Looks for early health risks and warning lights on your health dashboard
  • Nutrient needs
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Optimal homocysteine levels
  • Dietary needs
  • Immune function markers
  • Liver function status
  • Kidney function status
  • Blood sugar handling
  • Metabolic markers
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Electrolyte and hydration status
  • Calls attention to your lab values that are out of the optimal range in the early warning stages when health challenges can be addressed with food as medicine, bio-individualized nutraceuticals, environment and lifestyle changes rather than prescription drugs
  • Is invaluable in identifying the underlying root causes of any chronic health challenge, anxiety, depression, inflammation, autoimmune disorder, thyroid imbalance, digestive distress, hypertension, high cholesterol and many other health conditions
  • Digs deeper than the standard disease-based testing to find indicators that are out of balance, but still under the “disease” ranges
  • Balances your body chemistry with nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors and using food as medicine

Your Blood Chemistry Analysis includes:

  • a detailed bio-individualized analysis
  • extensive reports indicating where your lab markers fall on the “optimal” lab range scale
  • your bio-individualized nutrient deficiencies or excesses
  • identification of any possible underlying health problems and hormonal imbalances
  • a personalized and targets nutrient protocol based on your unique biochemistry to balance your body chemistry

Nutrient deficiencies are associated with the chronic disease process and the overall condition of your health. Depression, anxiety, cravings, hair loss, pain, dry skin, fatigue, weak muscles and bones, poor memory, thyroid dysfunction, hormone imbalances and more are linked to nutrient deficiencies.

The Blood Chemistry Analysis is one of the best investments for your health. A smart screening tool to detect any warning lights on your health dashboard.

Optimal health is the goal. I will help you attain it. We are all unique. Let’s explore the best version of you. I offer telemedicine for patients throughout the U.S. Review of health history, lab orders and an accurate interpretation of lab results, comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic nutritional assessments with recommendations, and lifestyle medicine that matches your individual physiology to balance your body chemistry!

Balancing Body Chemistry with Nutrition via a Functional Blood Chem Analysis

Available for individuals from anywhere within the United States

Blood chemistry analysis, consultations & accurate interpretation of lab test results

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Blood Chemistry Analysis - Paula Owens, MS Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner