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Paul Owens - Functional Health Expert

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About Paula

Paula Owens, MS Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Health Practitioner

Hi there! Welcome to my website. I’m Paula, a clinical and holistic nutritionist, and functional health practitioner. I am also a published author of The Power of 4 and Fat Loss Revolution.

I’m dedicated and committed to helping you to identify the root cause of your health conditions, use food as medicine, heal naturally, and live a happy and healthy life so you can look your best and feel better than ever!

For the past 25 years, I have helped thousands of men, women and their families with a variety of health conditions, imbalances and lifestyle diseases heal naturally, restore balance and regain their health.

Paula Owens, MS Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health PractitionerMy mission and my passion is to educate, inspire and empower you, to provide you with the tools that will support and help you to heal naturally, and live a fuller, healthier balanced life.

Many of my clients come to me confused from the endless information they hear and read. They lack the knowledge that will truly benefit them, have not identified the true root cause, or they have been to doctor after doctor and still are not feeling well or seeing results.

There is no greater investment than our health. Health principles are relevant to every part of a person’s being: spirit, soul, and body.

I practice an integrative, holistic and functional medicine approach toward health that starts by identifying the root cause of any imbalances through clinical lab testing, a nutritional diagnosis, personalized timeline, and a comprehensive health history and lifestyle assessment.

Using a step-by-step approach, you are provided with a vast amount of realistic, empowering, no-nonsense information that is guaranteed to transform your health and overall lifestyle. You will experience exceptional levels of health, live longer, look your best and feel better than ever for a lifetime! ♥ ♥ ♥

I am a published author of two books and an accomplished nutritionist with an extensive background in functional health, holistic nutrition, holistic health, strength training, fitness, fat loss, blood chemistry analysis, healthy aging, and natural healing. I consult with men, women and their families from all over the U.S. and throughout the world. My physical practice is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Whether your goal is to prevent or reverse any lifestyle disease such as diabetes or balance hormones, restore thyroid function, lose weight, fix your digestion, reverse symptoms of an autoimmune disorder or any other health complaint, or just feel better and look your best, I offer comprehensive bio-individualized nutritional counseling, clinical lab testing, functional blood chemistry analysis, health coaching and therapeutic lifestyle plans unique to your personal biochemistry, and provide you with natural healing solutions for your body, soul and spirit and a lifestyle plan of action that promises lasting results and vibrant health for a lifetime.

We all need to take control and responsibility for our own health, be proactive, focus on solutions, make a commitment to be driven by values, and concentrate on improving the one thing that we have control over – ourselves. With my expertise and 25 years of experience, you will receive the professional guidance you’ve been looking for and step-by-step instructions to do so.

“This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.” —Proverbs 3:8

Make an appointment. Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your needs and goals. I am available for personalized therapeutic lifestyle plans, distance health coaching, consultations, clinical lab testing, functional lab analysis and mentoring. Thank you. ♥

Paula Owens’ Credentials

  • Published author
    • The Power of 4 – Your Ultimate Guide Guaranteed to  Change Your Body and Transform Your Life
    • Fat Loss Revolution – 12 Weeks to a Hot ‘n Healthy Body at Any Age
  • Master of Science, Holistic Nutritionist, Highest Honors
  • Bachelor of Science, Holistic Nutritionist, Highest Honors
  • Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis, Master Practitioner
  • Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Functional Health Practitioner
  • Nutritionist, The River Source, a 12-Step Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • National seminar presenter and keynote speaker
  • Nutrition, Health and Fitness national columnist
  • CHEK Practitioner, Level 2, CHEK Institute
  • BioSignature Practitioner, BioPrint Practitioner (Charles Poliquin)
  • Poliquin Strength Coach, Level 2, Poliquin Performance
  • Fascial Stretch Therapist, Level 2, Stretch to Win
  • Mentor and Coach to Medical Clinics, Health Professionals, Nutritionists and Personal Trainers
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach, Serrano Nutrition
  • Poliquin Olympic Coach, Level III Intern, Charles Poliquin
  • Pre- and Post Rehab Specialist; Medical Exercise Specialist
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • ACE Personal Trainer, Master Level
  • Golf Performance Specialist
  • Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Fitness Model