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Paul Owens - Functional Health Expert

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Paula Owens Home 6V.I.P. Health Coaching

3-hour health coaching
Investment: $564

6-hour health coaching
Investment: $988

12-hour health coaching
Investment: $1,789

V.I.P. Health Coaching with Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner Paula Owens. The V.I.P. Health Coaching is available to men, women and their families, and clients that have invested in a Consultation, the Ultimate Lifestyle Plan, or the Blood Chemistry Analysis.

VIP Health Coaching with holistic nutritionist and functional health practitioner, Paula Owens provides you with ongoing support, guidance, accountability, motivation, expert advice and comprehensive nutritional counseling at a great SAVINGS.

VIP Health Coaching offers you devoted attention via one-on-one phone coaching that will provide you with optimal compliance to create the most effective outcome and sustainable, long-term results.

The VIP Health Coaching 3, 6, or 12 month contract offers you flexibility. You select either 180 minutes of health coaching, 360 minutes or 720 minutes.

The time spent per coaching call is deducted from the total amount of minutes from the coaching package you select. Your investment for the VIP Health Coaching and Nutritional Counseling via telephone is available in the following payment options:

  • 3 hours (180 minutes), 3 month contract: $564
  • 6 Hours (360 minutes) 6 month contract: $988
  • 12 Hours (720 minutes), 12 month contract: $1,789

V.I.P Health Coaching

Your VIP Health Coaching with clinical and holistic nutritionist and functional health practitioner, Paula Owens may include:

  1. Questions about your health challenges and personal concerns
  2. Expert guidance, direction and suggestions to help you heal naturally, bring you closer to health, restore balance, and reverse symptoms of disease or a chronic health condition
  3. Realistic lifestyle and environmental recommendations
  4. Emotional support with behavioral awareness to break defeating patterns and encourage deeper healing
  5. Lifestyle, environmental, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual support and suggestions
  6. Continued nutrition counseling
  7. Healthy, nutrient-dense, real food menu options to match your lifestyle and metabolism
  8. Review of your diet, lifestyle and habits with suggestions to better reach your goals and heal naturally
  9. Analysis and assessment of blood work, stool test results, heavy metal testing and professional recommendations based on your test results
  10. Review of your exercise programs and recommendations to break through plateaus
  11. Healthy modifications for your favorite recipes
  12. Kitchen and cooking tips, product recommendations
  13. Dietary improvements using real food as medicine
  14. Everything and anything else you wish to discuss so you can look and feel your best for a lifetime!


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Health Coaching with Paula Owens, MS - Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner