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21 Day Transformation

21 Day Exercise & Fat Loss Program: $29

“Get the body you want in just 21 Days.”

According to William James, M.D., often referred to as the father of American Psychology, “it takes twenty-one days to create a habit or permanent change.”Are you making these mistakes?

  • Skipping breakfast or eating less than two meals daily?
  • Going to the gym without an intelligently designed program?
  • Doing the same exercise program repeatedly without results?
  • Performing cardio workouts that burn muscle & disrupt hormones?
Paula Owens 21 Day Transformation

Paula’s 21 Day Program is unlike other programs. You’ll get all of the tools you need to get the body you want to:

  • Flatten your abs and burn fat
  • Wear a smaller pant or dress size
  • Increase your energy. Sleep better.
  • Lose body fat with smarter workouts in less time
  • Eat without feeling deprived. Eliminate sugar cravings

The exercise programs are designed utilizing German Body Composition. GBC is a method of super-setting multi-joint movements alternating between upper and lower body with short rest intervals.

“My 21 Day Exercise and Fat Loss Transformation Program is an extremely effective program developed to increase strength, energy, and stamina. It’s designed for all fitness levels, and for men and women of all ages. This program is for busy, budget conscious individuals who want results faster. Workout smarter in less time, relieve boredom and get RESULTS!”

You will receive the following:

  • Three different fun and challenging, calorie-burning exercise programs to lose weight and increase muscle
  • Photos of all strength and conditioning exercises plus flexibility exercises (Must have access to Dumbbells, Pulley/Cables, etc)
  • Detailed MP3 audio with a step-by-step explanation of the fitness programs and all of the exercises
  • Daily educational coaching emails for 21 days including recipes, diet strategies, a 5 day menu plan, recovery and injury prevention tips plus tons of healthy lifestyle recommendations to motivate and inspire you to look your best and feel better than ever.

21 Day Program (Phase 1): $29

21 Day Program (Phase 2): $19
Phase 2 is for those who have completed Phase 1 and are ready to take it to the next level with all new exercises. Read More

Fat Loss Starter Kit: $37
Save More! The Fat Loss Starter Kit INCLUDES Phase 1

The 21 Day Program is available for men and women from anywhere in the world. Many participants have reported very exciting results from the 21 DAY EXERCISE AND FAT LOSS TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM including weight loss of 5-10 pounds (on average), increased energy, diminished bloating, reduced sugar cravings, greater strength and more muscle, lower body fat, smaller dress and pant sizes and healthier eating habits. LET THE TRANSFORMATION BEGIN. GET STARTED NOW!

“Paula’s 21 Day Fat Loss Transformation Program has changed my life. This is of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only have I dropped 32 pounds doing the program, more importantly I gained lifelong education in nutrition, exercise, water consumption and spiritual peace. I definitely recommend Paula’s 21 Day Exercise & Fat Loss Transformation Program. My doctor wants to know my secret and how I lost so much weight, lowered my glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure.” ~ Marco