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Candida Gut Healing Booklet

Candida Gut Healing Booklet

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Are you experiencing brain fog, intense sugar or carb cravings, chronic sinus infections, hives or other skin problems, bloating or digestive issues, constipation or diarrhea, poor memory, weight loss resistance or low energy?

If so, you may have intestinal permeability more commonly known as leaky gut, and could be suffering from an underlying fungal, yeast, bacterial, H.pylori, parasite or Candida infection.

Candida overgrowth, yeast, bacterial infections, parasites and other gut infections thrive in the presence of diets high in sugar and carbohydrates, dairy products, alcohol, processed foods, use of antibiotics, birth control pills and NSAIDs, a weakened immune system, and hormones secreted as a result of high stress levels.

Using food as medicine, you will heal naturally and reduce inflammation, use nutrients and herbs to eradicate the infections, support gut healing and restore metabolic balance within the body, detailed steps to heal leaky gut and learn how to revolutionize your health with healthier habits and lifestyle choices.

The good news is you can repair your gut and heal naturally from Candida, bacterial infections, fungal and parasite infections by following the detailed step-by-step instructions in the 40-page Candida Gut Healing Booklet.

5-Steps to Gut Health

  1. Remove (inflammatory foods)
  2. Repair (remove infections with specific nutrients, herbs and supplements)
  3. Restore (probiotics and gut healing nutrients)
  4. Replace (unhealthy habits with healthier habits)
  5. Revolutionize (maintain a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse to prevent re-infection)

Candida Gut Healing Booklet

This gut healing and metabolic detox program provides you with everything you need to naturally heal from Candida, yeast, fungal, bacteria and parasite infections. The Candida Gut Healing Booklet includes:

  • Information-packed 40-page booklet with detailed guidelines to eradicate infections, heal and thrive
  • Step-by-step instructions to heal leaky gut
  • Dietary suggestions (green light foods and red light foods)
  • Supplement suggestions with instructions and protocol
  • Maintenance protocol
  • Ongoing lifestyle tips

Following the step-by-step instructions along with using food as medicine, the dietary recommendations, lifestyle suggestions and nutrient support you will destroy yeast, fungus, bacteria, parasites and Candida while re-establishing healthy flora, heal leaky gut, and create balance within the body.

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Candida Gut Healing Booklet & Metabolic Detox Program

Supplements are NOT included with the purchase of the booklet. You’ll find only the highest quality nutrients and herbs in my online store. Questions? Please contact my office. Thank you!