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Smart Exercise for Greater Fat Loss

Smart Exercise for Greater Fat Loss - Paula Owens, MS Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health PractitionerThere’s an effective and efficient approach when it comes to smart exercise to maximize greater fat loss and also an inefficient approach. If your goal is greater fat loss, balanced hormones, less belly fat and healthy aging, focus on the “less is more” approach with an intention on intensity, not duration.
For over 25 years, my own personal workouts as well as those I’ve designed for thousands of clients include strength training and sprint-style interval workouts balanced with parasympathetic style activities such as yoga, nature walks or gardening. Of course, a smart exercise program should be designed specific to the individual and varies according to each person’s bio-individualized requirements, age, postural imbalances, health issues, stress levels, adrenal function, how well they’re nourished, goals and many other factors.

Twenty some years ago people thought it was crazy and obscure that I seldom if ever included steady-state, cardio-style workouts or as I call it LSD (long-slow distance) style exercise into the programs that I designed. And guess what? My clients always got leaner, healthier, felt better, lost more body fat, and more importantly they kept it off permanently! In addition to the smart exercise program design, they ate real foods, included lifestyle modifications that included addressing sleep, emotional and mental stress, underlying inflammation, reducing toxic load and chemical exposure, optimizing digestion, adrenal function and balancing hormones.

It seems as though it’s revolutionary that fat loss is now contingent on intervals and strength training. However, this discovery has never been rocket science, but more a function of understanding and applying certain principles of exercise science to achieve fat loss versus weight loss.

Strength training and intervals are indeed the solutions as far as smart exercise goes to change your body, boost your metabolism, feel better, look younger, increase mitochondrial health, lower body fat composition, and keep your hormones balanced.

Smart Exercise for Greater Fat Loss

The 10-5-5 Workout is one of my own personal smart exercise programs. This particular workout consists of 10 sets of sprinting up a set of 26 bleachers, 5 sets of traveling squat jumps up 26 bleachers, and 5 one hundred meter sprints. You can forgo the sprints and squat jumps if you’re just getting started, and instead start with the stairs or bleachers and power walking. Smart Exercise for greater Fat Loss - Paula Owens, MS Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner

Always include a dynamic warm up prior to the workout. What I like about this workout is that it takes no longer than 30 minutes. Talk about efficient and effective! And, if I’m traveling out of town, I can usually find a high school with bleachers or stairs to sprint in the hotel or outdoors in nature (my preference).

Forgo the steady state LSD, and give this workout a try. Intensity trumps duration!

Smart Exercise - Paula Owens, MS Holistic Nutritionist and Functional Health Practitioner

Always listen to your body! If you’ve never trained this intensely, pace yourself. Perhaps, start with just sprinting the stairs. Never underestimate the importance of a thorough warm up.

To optimize your smart exercise efforts, fat loss and recovery, remember to include quality pre- and post-workout nutrition.

For a strength training program that is metabolically challenging, delivers results, and also compliments sprint workouts, check out the 12-Week Exercise Program found in Fat Loss Revolution. It’s sure to change your body, increase your metabolism, and melt off stubborn body fat permanently.

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