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Smart Exercise for Greater Fat Loss

There’s an effective and efficient approach when it comes to smart exercise to maximize greater fat loss and also an inefficient approach. If your goal is greater fat loss, balanced hormones, less belly fat and healthy aging, focus on the “less is more” approach with an intention on intensity, not duration. For over 25 years, […]

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Sprint 8: a Smart Exercise Rx

Sprint 8 is an efficient, effective and smart exercise program that encourages greater fat loss, changes body composition, increases growth hormone naturally, boosts metabolism, improves mitochondrial health, adds muscle, optimizes hormones, and takes a minimal amount of time! All too often, men and women alike resort to the “eat less, exercise more” mentality or opt […]

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Fun and Challenging Workouts

I had a blast with Troy Anderson of Anderson’s Training Systems as he took me through a couple of his kettlebell workouts. The last video is crazy and fun. Thanks for watching! How to Use Kettlebells — 3 Exercises to Work Your Arms, Abs and Legs   The 80 Rep Kettlebell Fitness Challenge Workout for […]

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Exercise Addiction: Signs, Symptoms & Side Effects

Exercise addiction is probably the most contradictory of all addictions. Many compulsive exercisers have behaviors similar to drug addicts, including altered moods and withdrawal. While some people are too sedentary, on the other end of the spectrum there are others who are obsessive and extreme in their mission for a leaner physique going overboard with […]

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Marathon Training Tips: Perform Your Best & Stay Injury-Free

Are you considering running a marathon? Many people are inspired to challenge themselves and attain the goal of completing a marathon. Running a marathon is an activity that requires preparation, a well-designed marathon training program, dedication, nutrition, injury prevention, and sufficient rest and recovery. Marathon Training: Most Common Injuries & Muscular Imbalances Due to the […]

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The Best Exercise to Boost Metabolism

Building and keeping muscle (your metabolically active tissue) is crucial to boost metabolism, remain strong, age healthy and lose body fat. One of the causes, as well as a symptom of the aging process is sarcopenia (muscle loss) and dynapenia (loss of strength). Both sarcopenia and dynapenia lead to overall weakness and is a direct […]

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