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Testimonial: How I Got Rid of Chronic Pain

Here’s another success story and testimonial from one of my clients who was experiencing chronic pain that was so debilitating she could barely function.

Testimonial – Sandra’s Success Story

Client Testimonial: Chronic PainHow I got rid of chronic pain

I am 46 years young, have a wonderful, hardworking husband and two amazing teenagers. My life is very busy running two of our businesses and cheering on my two active teens.

For the past three years, I had been experiencing severe, intense pain throughout my entire body, mainly in my back, neck, shoulders and chest to the point where I had a hard time taking deep breaths, laughing or crying. My pain was so debilitating that if I didn’t take 800mg of ibuprofen every 5 hours, I could hardly function.

Sandra's testimonial: How I Got Rid of Chronic PainAfter seeing over a dozen different doctors and specialists in my Southern California area, not one of them could tell me why I was experiencing so much pain. They just said it was fibromyalgia and prescribed me drug upon drug. After researching fibromyalgia and talking to people that say they have fibromyalgia, my symptoms weren’t anything like that. I was so frustrated!

I was sitting in the waiting room at my chiropractor when I received an email newsletter from Paula in which the subject line was Are You Tired of Being in Chronic Pain? I stepped outside the waiting room and called Paula immediately. That is when everything changed — the turning point in my life to be finally be free of my chronic pain.

Paula assured me she would help me, and that I was not crazy. She explained that many of the foods I was eating were causing excess inflammation in my body.

I signed up for Paula’s Ultimate Lifestyle Plan. Paula reviewed my blood work and designed an anti-inflammatory food plan and supplement plan for me. She insisted that I eliminate sugar, soy, dairy, gluten and wheat immediately. I had an eye opening moment. What I sincerely believed was ‘healthy eating’ was actually driving me away from health rather than leading me closer to it.

Within three weeks I could not believe how much better I was feeling! I have so much more energy; I am sleeping better, and I dropped 10 pounds! Not only that, for the first time in years I was finally experiencing regular bowel movements.

I also did a stool test per Paula’s recommendation. The test results revealed two infections! Candida parapsilosis and Rhodotorula mucilaginosa. Paula designed a comprehensive 12 week plan to rid my body of the infections and heal my gut. After following Paula’s program for just three months, my life changed dramatically.

I am completely pain free and have returned to my regular workouts after not being able to exercise or barely move for six months. My regular doctor still doesn’t have a clue as to the reason for my pain. When I tried to explain to him that there is something in my diet causing the pain and inflammation, he looks at me as though I am crazy.

I am so thankful for Paula and the time she took to help me. I have not felt or looked this good in years. I now feel amazing! I always thought I was pretty healthy, but after following Paula’s recommendations I not only feel healthy, I look healthy. My hair, nails and skin all look younger. People come up to me daily and say, “what are you doing? You look so much healthier.” 

While it was one of the most difficult undertakings of my life, I would engage in it 200 times over because the benefits are well worth it. I love the way I feel, and I have my life back. Thank you Paula, for not only changing my life, but the life of my family, because now I can be the wife and mom I want to be.

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