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Tips to Support a Strong, Healthy Lymphatic System

A strong, healthy lymphatic system is vital to experience permanent weight loss, a healthy functioning immune system, and preventing disease. It’s a major player in protecting the body from infection against bacteria, fungi, viruses, toxins, and potential threats. The lymphatic system is a network of thin tubes (filled with clear lymphatic fluid) and lymph nodes. […]

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10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Liposuction, endless sit ups, planks and crunches, yogi bicycles, core workouts, the latest infomercial gadget, fat burners, the newest celebrity diet . . .  all of these promise to help lose belly fat and atain flatter, well-defined abs. In reality, these common misconceptions deliver very little to zero return on your investment. Belly fat is […]

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Weight Loss Resistance: Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Weight loss resistance is a symptom and a response to an underlying imbalance that encompasses lifestyle, hormones and your environment including systemic inflammation, toxic overload, impaired detoxification, nutrient deficiencies, and emotional, hormonal or metabolic imbalances. Losing weight (and more importantly, keeping it off) encompasses so much more than diet and exercise. Of course, nutrient-dense organic […]

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Smart Exercise for Greater Fat Loss

There’s an effective and efficient approach when it comes to smart exercise to maximize greater fat loss and also an inefficient approach. If your goal is greater fat loss, balanced hormones, less belly fat and healthy aging, focus on the “less is more” approach with an intention on intensity, not duration. For over 25 years, […]

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Sprint 8: a Smart Exercise Rx

Sprint 8 is an efficient, effective and smart exercise program that encourages greater fat loss, changes body composition, increases growth hormone naturally, boosts metabolism, improves mitochondrial health, adds muscle, optimizes hormones, and takes a minimal amount of time! All too often, men and women alike resort to the “eat less, exercise more” mentality or opt […]

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10 Tips for a Healthy Fat Loss Revolution

Healthy fat loss requires a fundamental paradigm shift. The way you think, beliefs about who you are, your behavior and values, what’s important and what motivates you all must be challenged. Healthy fat loss takes a plan, an open mind, faith, valuing self, compliance, perseverance, and a lot of hard work. Healthy fat loss isn’t […]

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HCG Diet Hazards

Recently I’ve had an influx of new patients and clients contact my office because they are devastated and at a loss to the excess weight they have gained as a result of stopping the hCG diet. They claim that no matter what they do, they cannot lose weight and have actually gained additional weight since […]

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Do You Have a Damaged Metabolism?

Have you struggled for longer than you care to remember to lose weight with little if any results despite your efforts? Over the last twenty years, hundreds of women have consulted with me because they were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. They were frustrated in their failed attempts to lose weight, or […]

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The Best Exercise to Boost Metabolism

Building and keeping muscle (your metabolically active tissue) is crucial to boost metabolism, remain strong, age healthy and lose body fat. One of the causes, as well as a symptom of the aging process is sarcopenia (muscle loss) and dynapenia (loss of strength). Both sarcopenia and dynapenia lead to overall weakness and is a direct […]

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Keep a Food Journal and Lose More Weight

Do you want an easy and proven method to lose more weight faster? Reasons to Keep a Food Journal Those who keep a food journal and jot down what they eat tend to lose twice as much weight and make much healthier food choices compared to those who do not keep a food journal. I […]

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